PS 56 Cell Phone Policy

Please click on the link below to access our most current PS 56 Cell Phone Policy.  Our cell Phone Policy is developed with the NYC guidelines and input from our School Leadership Team.

PS56 Cell Phone Policy 2015-2016_DRAFT Revision 3-14-16.pdf

Citywide Behavioral Expectations-Discipline Code

Click on the link below for an important message from our Chancellor regarding Citywide Behavioral Expectations, also known as the Discipline Code.
Discipline Code.pdf

NYC Schools Account

NYC Schools Account has replaced ARIS.

Use this link https://mystudent.nyc/saa/signup to create an account for your child.

PS 56 Student Handbook

Attached is the P.S. 56 Student Handbook 2015 - 2016. 
Please review this handbook with your child and return the Sign-Off page to your child's teachers by October 30, 2015


2015-16 Student Handbook.pdf

Student Vaccines

Please click on the link below for a schedule of children vaccines.

Hot Lunch Calendar now on eChalk

 Make sure you use this link to complete the school lunch form even if you don't plan on having your child eat school lunch.  Our school may be eligible for additional funding based on the lunch application process.  Thank you.




Good Attendance

Build the habit of Good Attendance Early!
Help Your Child Succeed in School
School success goes hand in hand with good attendance!
When Do Absences Become a Problem?
What you can do...
Did you know???



PS56 is now a POS lunch system school. 
Please visit www.myLunchMoney.com and click on "Enroll Now" or call Customer Service at (800) 479-3531.

U-Turns Prohibited in NYS School Zones

NYS Vehicles & Traffic Law 1161B.
b.No motor vehicle shall make a U turn within a school zone.  For the purposes of this subdivision, the term "school zone" shall mean the distance along a highway passing a school building, entrance or exit of a school abutting on the highway for which a school sign (S1-1) has been posted pursuant to this chapter and in compliance with the manual on uniform traffic control devices maintained pursuant to section sixteen hundred eighty of this chapter.




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